During Democratic debates earlier this week, Hillary attacked Obama for his close ties with a slum landlord Rezko. According to Fox News Rezko has now been “indicted on fraud, attempted extortion and money laundering counts for allegedly plotting to get campaign money and payoffs from firms seeking to do business before two state boards.”

Funny enough, and not surprisingly, Drudgereport.com has found a picture of the Clintons posing with Rezko at a fundraiser a few years back. In typical Hillary fashion, she denied she knew him claiming that she takes thousands of pictures and obviously does not know most of the people she poses with. This is a surprising statement since Rezko has not only aided Obama financially, but has aided the Democratic Party as a whole, thus leaving us to assume that she was personally introduced to him (and possibly has closer ties with him than she would like to admit.)

UPDATE: In 2000 Rezko made a donation to the democratic party long before Obama’s tenure. Could this be tied to the Clintons and Hillary’s senatorial run?

Hat tip: oobedoobee

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