I am moving to Calgary Canada next month so I am desperately looking at Calgary Rentals. I just took a great job at a startup which has a new technology to melt driveway snow, and I need to be in Calgary before the snow starts since I am told it gets very difficult to move around once theres snow on the ground. I will be the software lead for the actual product that does the melting and this is a pretty big boost for my career.

I am a bit nervous about the cold since I am from warm climates, so I am looking at rental properties that look like they will stay warm in the dead of the winter. I absolutely terrified of freezing to death on some of those cold Calgary nights, so I will stay indoors as much as possible. Rentals are also cheap in Calgary so even with a nice place I will still have more disposable income left. So far I found some great places on  http://www.rentcalgary.com/ but I have signed anything yet.

Keep following my blog for updates on how my move goes and how I get used to adapting to the cold. I know some of you Calgary people will think I am weird for being so worried, but that is how I am nothing to do about it.

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