My mom is a huge bead fanatic so the only way for her to get cheap beads is to buy beads wholesale . Beads can be super expensive if you buy them from a hobby shop in small packets. When buying wholesale, you get more beads than you’d ever know what to do with. If you really like beads then wholesale is the way to go.

Wholesale beads come out to less than a fraction of a cent per bead and you can make really nice products to sell on Etsy and still have a profit margin. I highly doubt any bead craftsman can buy small baskets of beads and make anything profitable. Driving down costs of your products is essentially if you want to have even a shot at making a profit.

Even if you dont end up using all the beads you get from your order, you can drop them in a vase, sprinkle them in your garden or just leave them on a shelf. Beads make great decorations and are multi-colored so they match any design. Besides, you never know you might think of something else you want to make with the beads, so having them sit around is not a bad thing at all.

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