On Politico.com, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.), a superdelegate who has supported Clinton, is quoted as saying, “African-American superdelegates are being targeted, harassed and threatened1.” Cleaver said black superdelegates are receiving “nasty letters, phone calls, threats they’ll get an opponent, being called an Uncle Tom.” He continued by saying, “This is the politics of the 1950s, a lot of members are experiencing a lot of ugly stuff. They’re not going to talk about it, but it’s happening.”

This is quite an immature and inexperienced way to win over superdelgates’ support. If our country is so beyond race, what is the issue? How does ‘Unlce Tom’ come up? Maybe our country though is not beyond race, at least not past it enough that Obama attempts to shun those who support whites. Truthfully, this should make voters weary of Obama. If he wins the nomination, will he always need to vote in favor of blacks even if it’s questionably good for the country? Maybe the people are blind to color, but is Obama, or is he going to play the ‘black card’ to take care of business in the White House? These harassment allegations are not to be taken lightly, and should concern voters of the nature of reverse-racism.

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