Most of you probably remember those very controversial pardons of drug dealers and others during the last hours of the Clinton administration. What is conveniently less known though is that Bill and Hillary Clinton were both involved in the pardoning of members of Armed Forces of National Liberation, FALN who were clearly and closely involved in the 1975 Fraunces Tavern bombing in Lower Manhattan. The bomb decapitated one of the four people killed and injured another 60.

Contradicting Bill Clinton’s claims that he tried to protect his citizens during his time as President, he pardoned the FALN members who were jailed for these crimes, DESPITE the fact that they did not ask for clemency. In a detailed and sickening Wall Street Journal article, Debra Burlingame writes how the Clintons begged the FALN members to accept a pardon in exchange for votes on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Senator.

The scandal of this pardon is perhaps even more shocking when we learn that in August of 1999 Bill Clinton said of the US Embassy bombings in Africa that he “will not rest until justice is done.” Ironically, it was only four days later that the Clintons pardoned 16 imprisoned members of FALN. These pardons harmed America’s standing around the world and very well had an impact on Osama Bin Laden’s plans for 9/11.

Barbara Olson, a woman who ultimately died on 9/11 warned in her book The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House that ex-president “Bill Clinton’s pardons of terrorists who had repeatedly bombed buildings in New York City “send a signal” that the U.S. isn’t serious about fighting terrorism. (In a moment of now legendary heroism, the late author telephoned her husband, Solicitor General Ted Olson, from American Flight 175 to warn that terrorists had hijacked her plane. Mr. Olson had the terrible task of telling his wife that two planes had slammed into New York’s World Trade Center minutes before. Barbara Olson’s phone call was the first warning the government had that Washington, D.C., had come under similar attack.”)

“The late author contends that the terrorist pardons were payback for Mrs. Clinton indulging her husband’s decades of rampant philandering.”Hillary had done a lot of heavy lifting for her husband, much of it, such as the various bimbo eruptions, that required her to hold her nose. She had to cover for her husband and lie. Olson called the FALN pardons Bill Clinton’s “first return on her investment.” And now Hillary Clinton is trying to cash in that investment along with blood and tears of the terror victims of the FALN and Osama Bin Laden by becoming President.

Although some may dismiss this as an event of the past or not connected to Hillary Clinton-do not! As Burlingame writes, “On the campaign trail, the Clintons like to say that Bill is merely supportive and enthusiastic, “just like all the other candidates’ spouses.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Returning Bill and Hillary Clinton to the White House would present the country with the unprecedented situation of a former and current president simultaneously occupying the White House, the practical implications of which have yet to be fully explored. The FALN clemencies provide a disturbing example of how the abuse or misuse of presidential prerogative, under the guise of policy, can be put in service of the personal and private activities of the president’s spouse — and beyond the reach of meaningful congressional oversight.”

No one make this point better than Diana Berger Ettenson whose husband was killed in the Fraunces Tavern blast when she said “I would urge people on both sides of the aisle to come together to do the right thing, and I would also urge future candidates for the office of president to think very carefully regarding this awesome power that is placed in their hands. This power of clemency is like no other power.” Little did Berger know that voters are faced with the choice of putting back in people the very people who abused this power in ways that harmed our nation’s standing in the eyes of terrorists forever.

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