As mentioned before on this blog, and in the general media, Bill Clinton is screwing up his wife’s campaign. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama-the arch rivals of the Clinton’s- has proved this in a strong way. The Democrat party is not standing behind the Clintons as revealed “The ferocity of anti-Clinton sentiments heard around Washington in recent days — as even some former Clinton White House aides say they are enjoying the Kennedy endorsement and the implicit rebuke of the Clintons — has reached levels that haven’t been seen for seven years”

John F. Harris continues by writing that the Clintons are angered when their motives are questioned and that “the problem is not that Bill Clinton is Bubba but that he is Eddie Haskell — smug, smarmy, self-absorbed. ” To illustrate this point, check out this video of Bill rambling and telling a reporter “Shame on you!” This lack of respect that the Clintons show other people, especially those who are perhaps questioning their sincerity, integrity, and contradictions, is something all voters should pay close attention to. Despite all this, as Harris concludes, “In his own career, Clinton’s errors have always been followed by recovery, self-indulgence by self-correction. The next several weeks will determine whether he can follow the same pattern on behalf of his spouse.” Only time will tell if the American people are willing to close their eyes and allow the pattern to continue for another 4 years.

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