The media had a field day ridiculing the Republican National Committee for spending $150,00 on a new wardrobe for Sarah Palin, a wardrobe that she certainly but possibly not at that price tag. (Many women and men off course would agree that had Sarah Palin not been dressed as perfectly as possible she would most certainly have been judged negatively.) Yet at the same time, the media is not mentioning that Barack Obama’s greek columns at Invesco field cost $5 million! This is an extravagant waste of money and certainly unnecessary.

In its FEC filing, the host committee said it incurred $53.67 million in operating expenses and spent $53.86 million.

Most of that money went to pay expenses of the Democratic National Convention Committee, the party organization that staged the DNC. Nine percent of the host committee’s money went to pay its own expenses, which included salaries, marketing and staging various events off the convention grounds.

Convention expenses paid by the committee included $14.1 million for construction costs, including the stage and lighting, at the Pepsi Center and $5.3 million at Invesco Field.

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