John McCain may have given 5 years of his life to the country by sitting in the Hanoi Hilton, but he is no patriot so says Barack Obama. John McCain’s refusal to support a Buy American proposal with regards to motorcycles means he in patriot and he is not putting this country first.

These words must be read to be believed – from ABC:

“Just ask the machinists in Pennsylvania who build Harley-Davidsons,” Obama said of McCain’s record. “Because John McCain didn’t just oppose the requirement that the government buy American-made motorcycles, he called Buy American provisions ‘disgraceful.’ Just ask the workers across this country who have seen their jobs outsourced. The very companies that shipped their jobs overseas have been rewarded with billions of dollars in tax breaks that John McCain supports and plans to continue.

“So, when American workers hear John McCain talking about putting ‘Country First,'” Obama said, “it’s fair to ask –- which country?”

Um … isn’t that pretty much the dictionary definition of questioning someone’s patriotism?

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