What’s up with Salon? They keep printing these love letters to a man we barely know. A man who has no accomplishments to his name. Zero. He’s worked with others. He’s written a couple of illuminating books. So what? Why does a few years of “community organizing,” whatever the hell that really means, equate to being shot down while defending your country from Soviet hegemony?

I have no doubt that Sen. Obama wants to do good. I have no doubt that, if given some more time in the Senate, he might actually get a bill to the floor written by him and not co-authored or co-sponsored by him with others. But I truly can’t understand how this man’s spell over Salon writers and editors somehow trumps rationality. Kennedy deserved to be President. Obama just doesn’t.

He wants to be an agent of partisan healing? Where’the evidence he can pull it off???? He votes with his caucus and has co-sponsored a few bills with Republicans. So what? I’m sure Sen. Brownback has co-sponsored a few bills with his Democratic counterparts, too. That doesn’t make him a partisan healer, either.

The creme de la creme for me was Obama’s little tirade on the floor of the Senate this week picking on John McCain, who knows a helluva lot more about veterans issues than he does, while providing empty praise for McCain’s military service. I mean… how empty is it to say in one breath that someone should be respected for his service and then say in another breath that the same praiseworthy person is a loser who’s willing to stick it to veterans, a community about whom Obama knows nothing? It’s not just insulting and logically inconsistent. It shows Obama’s true colors. He’s a narcissist who’ll use the C-SPAN cameras to make his point for free. It’s sick. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s just sick. Maybe that’s an aspect of graft from Obama’s Chicago days that hasn’t fully been purged from his system.

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