Guest post from: Natalie Walter

I just saw Alec Baldwin on directv albuquerque and I can’t believe that man is still around, and that people like him. He is such a sleeze. Do you remember a few years ago when that voicemail was released where he was screaming at his daughter, calling her a lying pig? Kim Bassinger divorced him, and you wonder why? He sounds like he has serious anger control issues. Maybe it is because he reminds me of my dad, who is a total jerk, but I can’t stand Alec Baldwin. I feel so sorry for his daughter, having a father that is so mean. I can’t believe anyone would still like him, or give him roles in shows and movies. If I was a producer, he would be on my blacklist for sure. He’s not even that good of an actor either, and if you ask me, he’s kinda gross and greasy looking. Okay. There. I got that rant out and I will get off my Alec Baldwin soapbox now.

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