Well it looks like now that Barack Obama won the election, big government is here to stay. And with big government who knows maybe even Barack Obama will bring along big brother. Barack Obama has spoken often of wanting to use more technology in government, and in my opinion some of it is good and some of it can be used for pure evil. One of the first things Barack Obama may do is implement fleet tracking on the thousands of vehicles owned by the government. Fleet tracking would allow each agency to monitor the use of their vehicles at any time. For us taxpayers monitoring of federal vehicles may not be such a bad thing – since it will stem obvious abuses. Just knowing that their vehicle is being watched will stop many people from driving their cars to places they should not be using work vehicles for.
On the other hand, the government using fleet gps tracking even in a well meaning way gives the government more ability to control and step into the lives of every day citizens. If an Obama administration can get away with using big brother tactics on their own agencies why would they not use similar concepts to watch over other people (hmm Joe the plumber)? Why would governments expend money on policing people when they could use technology which automatically told them the speed of the car? We can forget about offshoring, jobs will taken by technology which is cheaper. Gps tracking could even be extended to people. It could come in under a helpful scenario like preventing kidnapping then it would be extended to seeing who kids hang out with and where. Or they could put it on people under house arrest BUT this would deny them their fifth amendment rights not to self incriminate. Typical house arrest monitors just report if a person left their house not where they went.

The Joe the Plumber fiasco showed what happens when the government uses the information in its hands in a negative way. Imagine Joe the Plumber’s employer had a fleet tracking in his truck, don’t you think the media would have had more fodder to discuss. “Joe the Plumber goes to Safeway”. “Joe the Plumber leaves the house at 10” Putting a gps into someone’s life instantly makes so much more information available to be abused. For an employer or taxpayer this is a great thing but for an every day employee, this is a doomsday scenario. As an employer, I would jump on fleet tracking since this a fantastic way to save money but I would hate to have an employer look over my shoulder.

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